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Margo was admitted to the hospital for chemotherapy treatments. Lorraine used her theft-prone daughter, Donna, to make Don squirm. He wouldn't budge, so Lorraine called a reporter. Mary wondered if Bob and Linda's marriage should be postponed after Bob had dizzy spells. Dominic put the money screws to Neil again after Mickey offered Dom money for information on Larry's other murder suspects. Amanda and Julie reconciled.
WEEK OF APRIL 10 - APRIL 14, 1978
Reporter Arlene Harris printed Lorraine's allegations. Don issued a denial to the press. Doug and Mickey pressured Julie to see Laura professionally so that Julie would be in top shape for the upcoming trial hearing. Margo's mother, Bobby Jean, arrived and was more concerned about money than Margo's condition. Linda convinced Mary to bury the hatchet, though Mary's worried that the wedding is scheduled so soon after Bob's palpitation attack. Chris noted that Mary is jealous of his concern for Margo.
WEEK OF APRIL 17 - APRIL 21, 1978
Jeri attempted suicide. Don and Mickey thought it was because she was guilty of Larry's murder. Donna told Lorraine's lawyer that the paternity story is a lie. Lorraine made plans to head for Texas and leave Donna, who was arrested for shoplifting in Salem. Laura advised that Doug's impotence is temporary. Linda was miffed when Bob asked Chris to be his best man. Margo began losing her hair because of the chemotherapy. Neil insisted Bob have another checkup. David found a note from Arlo in Trish's belongings.
WEEK OF APRIL 24 - APRIL 28, 1978
At Linda and Bob's wedding reception, Tommy insinuated she's a golddigger while Neil got drunk. A policewoman tipped off reporters that Don's alleged daughter was arrest and that Lorraine skipped town. Don lost the election, and Marlena blamed the bad publicity. Margo returned to work for Chris but needs periodic treatments. Julie's trial began, but Mickey didn't make an opening statement.


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