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Oh and was I the only one that wondered WHERE Ciara got the back for that $30K diamond stud? And also, I don't normally side with Sami - really, I DON'T! But once Sami TOLD Ciara, she'd lost the earring then Ciara really needed to cough it up and give it back and not lie about not having seen it. And even if Sami had to go to Hope about it, realistically WHAT are the chances that they'd drag Theo into it? I honestly think any mom (including me) would KNOW my daughter didn't have earrings like that and when Sami was able to show me the OTHER earring, I'd immediately make my kid give it back regardless of WHERE she got it. It wouldn't matter because "we don't keep things that aren't ours." And IF it was brought up that Theo found it at the river's edge. . . BIG HAIRY DIAMONDY DEAL! It could've gotten stuck in anyone's clothing, pant cuff, shoe tread of anyone that was near Sami when she claimed to lose it. It is easily explained away!
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