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Director: Steven Williford
Scriptwriter: Carolyn Culliton

Segment 1: Repeat of Justin's call to Sonny. When Sonny says he will tell him everything Sami tries to grab his phone - No, you're not going to do it. Sonny - Knock it off. Sami - You said you loved Will and Arianna; if you do this, if you open your big mouth, you are hurting them both. Kate says that Sami is absolutely right. Sami - You can not undo this damage and you know it.

Liam walks up to Jen at the nurse's station. Jen asks him if he's getting to see all the doctors he wanted to get orders from. He is. He was looking for her. He wanted to make sure she hadn't changed her mind about dinner. Dan walks off the elevator as she replies - Change my mind about dinner? You're not going to get off the hook that easily.

When JJ declares he has dirt on her and the blackmail is over Theresa retorts - That's so cute. You think you have me cornered? JJ - I have you admitting that you used G and that you're looking to get some weed. I don't just think I have you cornered, I know it. Theresa - Highschool boys, all talk and nothing to back it up.

Hope has brought Theo and Ciara to TBD. She thinks they deserve a reward for all of that shopping. How about some hot chocolate. Yay! Hope's cell rings. Honey, it's my work. Ciara - Her work calls all the time. Hope - We'll order just as soon as I get back. Hope steps away. Hey, please tell me you're calling to tell me something good. Theo - Do you still have the present I gave you? Ciara sweeps her hair behind her ear. Theo - You're wearing it! Ciara - And nobody even knew.

Sonny - You three murdered Nick. That can hurt Will and Ari. I am trying to help them. Sami - Help them how? By sending Gabi to prison. Will carrying Ari walks in with EJ. Will - What's going on here?

Liam - I know we agreed not to call this a date but is it okay to say I'm really looking forward to it. Jen - If I can say the same thing. Liam gets a call from his boss. I'll get back to you later with a time and a place. Jen - Okay, bye-bye. She turns and sees Dan.

JJ - I don't think you want to go back to LA in handcuffs. Theresa - You can play all the games you want but you should know the big loser is going to be you. JJ - You're bluffing. Theresa - Try me. You'll go down in flames and it won't just be you, you'll be taking all the people you care about most right along with you.

Sonny - Sorry Dad, this is a really bad time. Can I meet you in about an hour or so? Justin - Yeah. How about the pub? Are you okay? Sonny - I'm fine. I'll meet you there. Will - Alright, what's happening? Sami - We just wanted to come and see the baby, didn't we? Will - You already saw her and you told me you both had things to do. Sami - I don't know about Kate but I did the things I needed to do so I could come back and spend more time with this little slice of heaven. EJ - Samantha. Sami - And now I've explained why I'm here, what are you doing here? Will - I was Christmas shopping. I was loaded up with stuff ... EJ - I decided to give him a hand. Kate, it's lovely to see you. Kate - I'm here all the time. Arianna is such a draw. Sami - I just think moments like Arianna's first Christmas are the kind of times you want to share with the people that you love; people that you would do anything for. Gabi walks over to the women. EJ watches.

Segment 2: Will thinks they are keeping something from him and he thinks he knows what it is. Because they were arguing with Sonny when they walked in he thinks they're getting on him for hiding in the closet and getting the details of the surprise party. Sonny says no, not that, something else. EJ - We're all family here so why don't we talk about it and sort it out.

Theo feels bad because he only had one earring. Ciara - That's okay. I think it's cool to have just one but I think I should take it off for now. She puts it in her backpack as Justin walks in. Hope - You're absolutely 100% sure. No I don't understand. In fact I don't understand at all but that doesn't really seem to make a difference, does it? Hope turns and sees Justin. Bye. She ends the call. Justin walks up - Merry Christmas Hope. Hope hugs him. Merry Christmas Justin. Justin - You okay. Hope - Yeah, I'm great. Justin - Because I saw the look on your face when you were on the phone and it wasn't the face of someone who's great so whoever you were talking to seemed to have really upset you. Hope - Come on Justin, you know who I was talking to. Bo.

Jen and Dan ignore each other. As Jen is heading away the nurse at the station tells Jen to wait while she goes and get the flyers Jen wanted to see before they were put out. Jen and Dan exchange greetings. He comments that she has a big date, she confirms. Dan asks his name. Liam. Dan - Irish, hope that doesn't mean he's a big drinker. Jen - He's a fine person. I wouldn't reduce him to a stereotype. Dan - I wasn't being serious. Jen - Even so you don't have a right to comment on my personal life. Anne is watching through a door window.

Theresa reminds JJ that he's the one who told the judge that he's not doing drugs anymore and the video she took has a date on it after his court appearance. But who knows, maybe it will work out for you. She opens the door - Ready to go? She closes the door. What's the matter? Second thoughts? Thinking that if you make your little recording public it will be nothing compared to what would happen if I came forward with what I have on you? Who is whose bitch now.

Sami says they weren't talking to Sonny about anything important. She reminds Sonny that he was going to meet his Dad. You don't want to keep him waiting. Sonny says he won't be long. He leaves. Sami - Kate, we have to go if we're going to do that thing ... Will - What thing? Sami just smiles. Kate - We better go so we get there before it closes. Sami asks EJ if he's coming. EJ is going to stay here. Will - Well that party died pretty quickly. Gabi tells Will she'll put Ari down. EJ - Why don't you let William do that? It will give us a chance to talk about his Christmas present. Will gives Gabi a hint - I want it fuel-injected and I want 8 cylinders at least. He goes into the bedroom. Gabi tells EJ that Will was joking. EJ - Well I'm not. I think it's about time you told me what's really going on young lady.

Segment 3: JJ - Okay you win but you've got to stop making me get you pot. Theresa sneers - Worried you'll get caught. JJ - Brady almost did catch me; he's a friend of my mom's. Theresa - Who isn't! JJ - It's not just what would happen to me, it's what it would do to her. Theresa - Oh poor St. Jennifer! I'm sure it would just kill her. You do realise that's the worse possible argument you could make to me. Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to keep from taking that videoto the cops. And do you know why it's hard? Because I know exactly what it would do to your mother. JJ - You are evil. Theresa - Me? She's the one who's gone out of her way to ruin my life. Everyone thinks that she is so generous, so gracious, yeah right. She grinds people like me into a fine powder and she does it with that simpy smile on her face. JJ - You have had it for in from the minute you knew you had to work for her. Theresa - You used to know what she was really like but then you got scared. Me, I don't scare that easy.

Dan wasn't commenting on her personal life, he was making conversation which he didn't know was against the rules, now he does. The nurse brings the box of flyers to Jen. Jen thanks her. I'll send an email when it's all been okayed. Abe sees Daniel - Glad I ran into you. Here's someone I would like you to meet. Liam Frazer, Dr. Daniel Jonas. Liam just moved to Salem. He's a rep for a big drug company; a genius at fundraising. Dan - I'm not really involved with fundraising. Liam - You must be very busy. Everyone knows what a talented surgeon you are. Dan - Thank you. Liam - Let's do lunch some time. Dan - Sure. Liam tells Abe he'll see him later and leaves. Abe - He acts like it's no big deal that he has closets full of community service awards. Dan - Good for him. Abe - I wonder if his marriage ended because of his devotion to service but I'm sure an attractive, funny guy like Liam will be back in circulation ... Dan - I get it. He's freakin' superman - got it.

Hope - Bo's out of town on a project; one that I'm unable to talk about to anyone. Justin - So you're husband's out of town for months and you can't even tell anybody why. Hope - No. Justin - Wow. Hope - Yeah, wow, that's exactly how I feel. Ciara told me that she really wished that her Dad would be here for Christmas or at least for a little while. My God, he's been gone for so long and now I get the pleasure of telling her that wish isn't going to come true. It's so unfair.

Kate and Sami are in the square. Kate doesn't like that she practically pushed Sonny out the door to meet his Dad. Sami - What was I supposed to do? Let him blab everything to Will and EJ about ... Kate shushes her. You're worse than Gabi. Sami - Just cool it. Let's find Sonny. Kate points to Sonny who walks through the square in a daze. Sami - I bet he's going to the pub. Let's go.

Gabi - I guess you noticed what's going on when you got here. EJ - It would have been hard not to notice. The tension was so thick you could have cut it with a knife. Gabi - It was what Will was saying. Kate, Sami and I were trying to plan a surprise party for Will's birthday and Sonny found out and told Will. And you know how Sami gets when her surprises are ruined. EJ - You don't need to keep going on like this. Gabi - I don't know what you mean. EJ - Then let me explain. I think that it's admirable that you're trying to cover what's going on, I do. But just so that you understand, Samantha and I tell each other absolutely everything.

Sami and Kate rush up behind Sonny before he enters the pub. Sami grabs his hood and pulls him back. Sonny - Are you following me? Kate - We're trying to stop you from making an enormous mistake. Sami - You saw how happy Will was talking about his baby's first Christmas. If you do this you are going to take that happiness and smash it into a million pieces. Sonny - I know that but Nick is dead. That is the bottom line here. It doesn't matter what we thought of him, he's a person and he has a family and Will is part of that family. So his family has the right to know that Nick is gone. Kate - Yes, absolutely, you're right but they need to find out about it naturally. Sonny - What the hell does that even mean? Kate - They're going to stop hearing from Nick. They're going to make inquiries and eventually I'm sure that body is going to be found and it's going to look like he slipped and fell into the river, he hit his head and he drowned. Sonny - That's not how he died and you know it and his family deserves to know it too.

Segment 4: Dan - I'm just a little wary of pharmaceutical reps. I always wonder if they're agenda is profits not really patients. Abe - I hear you. I got to know Liam during the Autism fundraiser. He didn't just raise money he cares about kids, I can tell. Dan - I will take your word for that but I have to run.

Theresa threatens JJ. Don't try anything again to take her down because he'll go down and his mom will be a wreck and our good friend the doctor won't be in such great shape either. JJ - What are you going to do to Daniel? Theresa - He saved my life and he's the last person I want to get in trouble but he has been covering for you this whole time and I've watched enough lawyer shows to know that makes him an accessory after the fact. So you keep your mouth shut if you know what's good for you, your mom and Dr. Dan. Oh and hey, Merry Christmas.

Justin knows what it's like to worry about your kid. If there's anything Adrienne and I can do to help you through the holidays all you have to do is ask. Hope - Thank you. They hug again. Justin says Merry Christmas to the kids and leaves.

Sami tells Sonny she loves him. You're practically my son-in-law but come on, you act like you have this lock on what is right and what is wrong. You were the one hiding in a closet eavesdropping on a private conversation. Sonny - Are you comparing that to murder? Kate - No one is making any comparisons. I think what Sami is trying to say in a very ham-handed way is that it seems like you feel having this information is somehow a burden for you to deal with but the truth is you're the one who put yourself in the position to hear this information without our knowledge. Sami - You are clearly a moral person and I respect that, I admire that in you but you're acting like we snuck up on Nick and shot him in the back. Kate - And that is absolutely not true. I was there. It was ugly. He got ugly. He tried to rape Gabi. Sonny - You're doing it again. You're trying to make a case for justifiable homicide. Sami and Kate - OMG. Kate - Wait. I know that you feel you have to tell someone about it but do your really have to tell them a few days before Christmas. Telling them now, is that going to bring Nick back? It's not, is it?

EJ - The moment I walked in here I could see how upset you were and why wouldn't you be. Gabi - So you know? EJ shrugs. Samantha and Kate working together? That's quite a force to be reckoned with. Gabi - You saw that? EJ - It's hard to miss. They'll walk all over a girl like you. Gabi - Tell me about it. EJ - You know if you want to talk to me about it I would be happy to make your case with Samantha. Gabi - Sami and Kate can handle something like this but I don't know how much longer I can keep pretending.

Segment 5: Liam tells Jen he'll call her later and they'll firm up the time. He leaves. Abe - So how do you know Liam? Jen - Adrienne introduced us and we're going to go to dinner together. Abe - Interesting. Liam is a friend. You and he have a lot in common. Jen - It's just casual at this point but I'm looking forward to it. Abe tells her to take care and leaves. Anne drags Theresa away from the nurse's station. Gossip. I just saw Daniel and Jennifer together and I thought it was going to come to a fist fight. It was glorious. Anne doesn't have time to talk much - HR is waiting on the new badges. Theresa asks if one if for Jennifer. Theresa takes it - She's going to twist the knife a little.

Dan gets off the elevator on his floor and JJ is waiting outside his apt. door. Dan - I didn't understand your text. Are you okay? JJ - Not really.

EJ - Take your time, I think I can understand how you're feeling. Gabi - You do? EJ - Of course. One minute you have a modelling contract and you're moving to New York and the next minute the whole thing's gone. Gabi - Yeah, and the way everything fell apart. EJ - Tell me about that. Gabi - Sami didn't tell you? EJ - She did but I'd like to hear your side of that story. Gabi - Okay. The guy from New York; we found out he wasn't actually working for the modelling agency and then Sami found out what he really wanted ... EJ - That must have been terrible. Gabi - Yeah, so now you know everything right. EJ - Did Samantha threaten to tell William? Gabi - She didn't tell you? I thought you guys shared everything. EJ - We do. Gabi - Why was she nervous then when you guys showed up? EJ - Because she wasn't expecting me. Don't change the subject. Gabi - Right, sorry. Sami and Kate, they don't want me to leave town with Arianna obviously and they're both trying to get me to model for their companies and they think that they're being helpful but honestly it just feels like they're running my life. EJ - That would explain why they're spending so much time together. Gabi - Exactly. It actually feels really good to talk to somebody about this. EJ - Gabriella, when I told you that I knew everything that was going on I wasn't talking about a modelling contract. Gabi - I don't know what you mean. EJ - I think you do. Will comes back into the room. Figure out what you're going to get me?

Kate - Obviously Sami and I can't stop you from doing whatever it is you're going to do but we can ask you to think about the timing. Sami - It's reasonable, don't you think? Sonny - Are you worried about ruining Christmas or buying yourself some time? I just saw my Dad so I'm going to go. Kate - Wait a minute. He's expecting you to tell him something. What are you going to say. Sonny ignores the question and goes inside. Sami - He's not going to say anything. I can tell. Kate scoffs. Sami thinks what Kate said worked. Kate - He asked if I was buying time and I totally was. Sami - Either way you did buy the time now we have to figure out a way to shut him up for good. Kate - Oh please don't say it that way. Sami gets a text. I have to go. Kate - Where? Sami - I have to go find Ciara Brady, she has my earring. Kate - How did Ciara get it? Sami - Who knows. The point is she's a little kid and I'm great with kids, right. Trust me, I'm going to get all these loose ends sorted out. Kate peers inside the pub.

Sonny thanks his dad for meeting him. Justin - You sounded really strange on the phone. Are you finally ready to talk?

Segment 6: Theresa takes Jen her ID card. Jen tells her just to leave it on the desk. Theresa tells her she has to sign for it. Jen makes sure to read the document before signing. Theresa heard something about Jen and it sounds like good news. I'm so happy for you.

Dan lets JJ into his apt. What happened? JJ - I don't know where to start. Dan - If this is about your mom going on a date, I already know about it. I know it's tough but you are going to have to accept that she is moving on. JJ - Just now with you. Dan - No, definitely not with me but I'm alright with that because what's important now is you; keeping your crazy night with Theresa under wraps. JJ - I can't take it anymore. My mom thinks you're a low life. It's just wrong. Dan - It's not about right or wrong. It's the way things have to be for all concerned. This is not one of those situations where the truth will set you free. You know what it'll do to your mom if she finds out you were hanging out with Theresa. JJ - It's not just my mom I'm worried about, not anymore.

Hope tells the kids it's time to go. Ciara - I haven't finished my picture yet. Hope - Theo's Dad is waiting for us. Can you finish that when we get home? Ciara - But it might get wrinkled. Sami says Merry Christmas. Hope and Sami hug. Sami couldn't help but overhear. She offers to stay with Ciara while Hope drops off Theo. Hope says that would be fantastic. I won't be long. Hope and Theo leave. Sami tells Ciara it's so nice to spend some time with her; it's been a long time. Ciara - It's because you never come over to my house or invite me to yours. Sami - Well we should change that. That's a great picture of Justin Bieber. Ciara - It's a horse. Sami - Oh, must be the angle. I heard that you got something new and it's not even Christmas yet. I heard it's something beautiful.

Gabi - It's a good thing you didn't walk in earlier or you might have spoiled your whole Christmas. EJ - Luckily I think you'll still be surprised. Gabi is going to put all those gifts away. EJ is going to get going. Will thinks this Christmas will be better than the last one. Gabi's here, Ari's here, Sonny's here; seems perfect. EJ - I'm very happy for you but I wouldn't expect perfection.

Justin was afraid that what he said to him before might have put him off. Sonny - About what I heard being hearsay. Justin - Yeah. That was the lawyer talking. This is your Dad. Is anyone in any danger here? Is anyone's life at stake? Sonny - You mean am I making things worse by keeping quiet. Justin - Exactly. Sonny - Definitely not. Justin - That's a relief. Sonny - So I think I'm just going to keep it to myself. That is what I came here to tell you. Justin - Okay. Promise me if you decide to tell anyone I'll be your first call. Sonny - Of course. Justin - Your mom and I are going to see you and Will before Christmas, right? Sonny - Definitely. When Sonny comes outside Kate comments - That didn't take very long. You didn't say anything, did you? Sonny shakes his head no. Kate - Thank you. Sonny - Don't thank me yet.

Sami tells Ciara she lost something recently. Something very pretty; kind of like that present Ciara got. I was really sad when I lost it because it was a present from EJ. It was an earring, a diamond earring and I was so sad when I lost it because I've never owned anything that pretty before and it meant the world to me. Can I show it to you? I have the other one because I carry it around hoping to find the one that I lost. Maybe if you look at it you can see if it looks familiar to you. Ciara puts her hand on top of her backpack. Ciara - No, I've never seen anything like that before. Sami looks down at Ciara's hand.

Segment 7: Theresa - Hospital grapevine says you have a date with that hunky pharmaceutical rep Liam. I just wanted to say that I'm so happy you're moving on, starting a new chapter in your life. Oh I wanted to let you know there was never anything between me and Dr. Jonas. Jen has a lot of work to do ... Theresa - We talk but that's just because he's such a great friend to me but that's all it is. I thought you deserved to know that. She leaves.

Dan - You're worried about yourself too, that's what you meant, right? JJ - Yeah. It's lucky that we're the only two that know what happened that night. Dan agrees. I don't want Theresa to be any more a part of this than she already is. I know you feel bad about me and your Mom and I appreciate that but we need to stick to the plan. JJ - I guess we should. Thank you for talking me down. It's made everything very clear. Dan - Has it? Are you sure? JJ - Yes. I have to go.

Gabi tells will Arianna is the best thing that's ever happened to her. And you have been just awesome. You and Sonny both and I probably didn't deserve any of it. Will - Are you talking about your relationship with Nick? Gabi - No. I'm grateful to you for everything and if I lost this, what we have, I don't think I could stand it. She hugs him.

Sami heard the very pretty think Ciara found is an earring. It's kind of weird that you have an earring you found right at the same time I lost one. If you let me look at it I could see if maybe it's the one I lost. Ciara - But it isn't. Sami - I think I should look at it. Ciara - No. Sami - I think it's in that backpack. Ciara - No. Sami - Yeah it is and you better let me see it. Okay Ciara if it's the one I lost I will buy you 10 pairs of earrings for Christmas to replace it. Ciara - But I like this one. Sami - So you do have it. It's not nice to hold out on cousin Sami. Just give it to me. They start struggling over the backpack. Ciara - No, it's mine. Sami - What's inside it is mine and you know it. Give it back. Hope is back and breaks up the fight. Samantha, what are you doing?

EJ waylays Sonny - Where are you going? Home. EJ - Funny, you seemed in such a hurry to leave there earlier. Sonny - Yeah, don't take that personally. EJ won't. Sonny, I know. Sonny - What are you talking about? EJ - You don't need to pretend. Gabi told me everything.
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