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Sami confesses to E.J.; Kate, Sonny and Gabi try to hide their anxiety; Stefano makes a request of Kate; Hope talks to Ciara about Bo; Jordan sends an email.


Victor tries to fix things with Maggie; Daniel gets a Christmas surprise; Nicole visits a high Brady; Eric tries to decipher his dream; E.J. offers Sami support.


The Hortons hang their family ornaments; Anne tries to prevent a Horton tradition; Gabi sees Julie as a threat to her future; Victor visits Eric.


Brady tries to stop Maggie from moving into the mansion; Theresa conspires to rescue Daniel; J.J.'s new attitude throws Abigail; Rafe sends Jordan a surprise gift.


A situation reminds Nicole and Eric of being in love; Brady sacrifices J.J. to look good in front of Daniel; Theresa asks J.J. for a favor; Sami has a terrifying experience in the woods; Will thinks Gabi and Sonny are hiding something.

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