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WEEK OF MAY 1 - MAY 5, 1978
A mysterious woman spied on Maggie and Janice after learning that Janice is adopted. Mike announced he and Margo plan to marry but Margo disappeared after learning she has leukemia. Mickey antagonized the judge at Julie's trial and Doug asked Don to sit in on the case. Marlena insisted on taking temporary custody of Donna despite Don's objections. Chris and Mary are on the outs after he dated an old girlfriend, Suzie. Neil implicated Dominic in the theft of Larry's secret money before Larry was killed. Mickey ruthlessly grilled Amanda on the witness stand.
WEEK OF MAY 8 - MAY 12, 1978
Prosecutor Hazeltine discredited Julie's reputation as a faithful wife by dredging up her past during the trial. Julie took the stand and was forced to admit she thought Doug had gone gunning for Larry because Larry had raped her. Mike trailed Margo to her mother's home. Bob and Linda returned from their honeymoon, and she was suspicious that Bob's concern for Julie was a memory of better times. Marlena failed to patch up differences between Donna and Don. Chris and Mary resumed a better relationship.
WEEK OF MAY 15 - MAY 19, 1978
Margo returned to Salem with Michael, who convinced her to have further treatments. David's detective found Arlo in Chicago. Arlo was placed in custody after blurting out that he had nothing to do with Larry's murder, just as the jury reconvened to deliver Julie's verdict. Arlo tipped off Trish, who's working in an Indiana nightclub under the assumed name of Tracy Keaton, that detectives are on her trail. The woman who's been tailing Janice and Maggie took an apartment in town. Arlo remembered killing Larry in self-defense.
WEEK OF MAY 22 - MAY 26, 1978
Julie was cleared when Arlo admitted killing Larry during an argument. Don and Marlena planned to turn Donna over to foster parents. Samantha called asking to be Marlena's maid of honor. Chris quit his job with Bob. Joanne, asking to be the mysterious lady, secretly met Janice in the park but made her promise not to tell anyone. Bill urged Mickey to have a physical. Julie and Amanda reconciled, and Julie left on a vacation with Doug.
WEEK OF MAY 29 - JUNE 2, 1978
Janice kept mum to Maggie and Mickey about her secret meetings with Joanne. Samantha returned for Marlena and Don's wedding, which was postponed when Marlena rushed off upon hearing that Donna threatened suicide and was perched on a hotel ledge. David departed to search for Trish and the baby. Linda discouraged Bob from asking Chris to return to the firm, while Chris refused Mary's offer to help start his own business. Samantha regretted her past actions and admitted she is off drugs. Chris accepted a day laborer's job.


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