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This was a great episode. Loved the Kami interactions. My Freddie Smith / Sonny grows every day and his "let's explain the basics" to Kami was all sorts of awesome.
Toss EJ in the mix and I was in heaven. I'll slip someone a $50 bill to get a hold of the flat iron of hair doom and trash it. CB was it's latest victim and yet again a young, beautiful woman is made to look washed out. Thank goodness KA won't let that flat iron near her lovely locks. She looked great yesterday and her scenes with Justin were 100% swoon worthy. I love the Jupe friendship.

Bo can't come home because he's secretly on a secret mission that is secret? That's Dannifer levels of lame.

Speaking of Dannifer, God help me I liked Daniel yesterday. It was a genius move to have people overpraise Liam to Daniel and have him reacting all put out. Between this and the Danicolic friendship they might actually make Daniel rootable in my eyes. Shocker.

Can't wait for today's episode.

ETA: auto-correct is a harsh mistress.
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