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Dec 14 2013, 12:26 AM
Dec 13 2013, 05:21 PM
I realize that B&B doesnít have a huge cast, but Iím so tied of the Bill/Liam show, that I want to hurl! But they could involve others characters more. It was like a breath of fresh air when they brought on Wyatt and Quinn. I like Wyatt/Hope and I like Eric/Quinn. Who does Liam think he is dictating to Hope to fire Wyatt and Quinn, isnít it Ericís company and shouldnít he be the one to have the final say. Maybe Bill/Liam should have a father/son weekend, go climb a mountain with no ropes, and they both could fall off together. I think they should put Ridge/Katie together, just to wake up Bill/Brooke! Brooke is like a doorknob, every man gets a turn at her.
Eric agreed w/her today and fired Wyatt and his psycho mommy which is a good thing because she's a dangerous psycho and who knows what their deep dark secrets r. Hope shouldn't be anywhere near that mess.
I agree this woman is dangerous, they know about her. All Bill know is she claimed this is his son.

This could be anyone son. Was DNA test done on Wyatt. This woman has been in Hope business from day one. She could be a spoiled Brat an immature young lady is none of her business.
I don't understand why Brooke stop falling in love and kick Quinn in her asses .
I can't stand Wyatt his style of clothing is cheap, his hair is gross , and he is so ugly. Quinn is very pretty and Bill is good looking so where she get this creep. How much time have this pair spend in jail, with Quinn Jail House behavior I have to believe this pair have cheated or killed someone. They talked several time about how last year they were so poor. Why is it that they were hired without a contract .I don't believe for one minute Quinn is designing any thing. As I have been saying for many months , Quinn goals are to take over the Forrester's company. It great Ridge is back he want allow this woman to take over and move in with his father.
What does Pam know and is afraid to tell Eric about Quinn and Wyatt.
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