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Dec 21 2013, 08:06 PM
Dec 21 2013, 10:31 AM
The writing for Will was better when MarDar were the head writers, the character was more complex, he had a dark side and all the coming out stuff was very powerful. I think Chandler has been frustrated with the writing since TomSell took over and made Will more sweet, innocent and clueless. And it's understandable but his lack of interest for the material was pretty obvious most of the time he was on screen, especially in the scenes he taped after his announcement at the Emmys. It's unfortunate because I don't have the same admiration for him as I used to.
It's not all that understandable to me. Other actors have had much worse or more boring storylines than CM has had this year but they still gave 100%. Being frustrated with the writing is a poor excuse for an actor not giving their all.
I totally agree, I wrote that his frustation was understandable. ;)
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