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WEEK OF JUNE 5 - JUNE 9, 1978
Don saved Donna from leaping off the ledge, then tumbled himself, was hurt, and underwent surgery. He and Donna reconciled while he was recovering. Joanne consulted Tom about her heart condition, then took Janice to the airport, leaving Mickey and Maggie a note about borrowing the child. Linda rebuffed Neil's advances, then was shattered because her new house burned. The bank refused to give Chris a loan for his own business. He moved into a storefront office. Samantha blamed herself as a jinx to Marlena's happiness. Tom assured Margo that Mike truly loves her.
WEEK OF JUNE 12 - JUNE 16, 1978
Janice went into shock after Joanne fainted in their Florida hotel room. Mary resigned from Anderson Manufacturing and went to work with Chris. David learned that Valerie was coming home for the summer. Margo refused to marry Mike. Marlena made a professional appointment with Neil. Bob encouraged Linda to accept Neil's offer of the lake house. Maggie blamed Mickey for Janice's disappearance.
WEEK OF JUNE 19 - JUNE 23, 1978
In Paris, Doug and Julie heard from her brother Steve Olson. The FBI located Janice and Joanne in Florida and Joanne admitted to Maggie that she is Janice's natural mother and wanted to see her before she died. Samantha returned to Hollywood. Mike took a job out of town and Jeri left to reunite with Trish. Neil told Marlena that her kidney infection wasn't serious. David and Valerie ran into each other and agreed to be friends. Linda reluctantly agreed to reside at the lake house until she refurbishes the Loomis house.
WEEK OF JUNE 26 - JUNE 30, 1978
Michael was jealous when Margo dated her co-worker Tony Viola. Steve charmed Doug and Julie into giving him loans and promised to return to Salem. Mickey and Maggie brought Joanne to Salem so Bill could perform a heart bypass operation. Greg suspected that Marlena is ill and not merely rundown as everyone suggests. Neil made another pass at Linda.


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