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WEEK OF JULY 3 - JULY 7, 1978
Doug hired a new singer, Theresa Harper, who attracted Steve's attention and made Julie jealous. Donna lost her foster home and stood vigil while Don underwent surgery for internal bleeding. Marlena freaked when she learned Don must undergo another operation because of infection complications. Alice convinced Maggie that Janice is too young to learn Joanne is her mother. Linda fumed that Chris accepted a job with Jim Bradley that would pit Chris against Bob's company in an environmental fight. Jeri agreed to care for Timmy while Trish films a European movie. Mike and Margo reconciled. Robert suspected that Theresa had stolen money from the club.
WEEK OF JULY 10 - JULY 14, 1978
To save Don's life, Bill administered an experimental drug that caused Don to lose his hearing. Mike and Margo were married. Steve took a shine to Mary. Chris was jealous, and Doug was suspicious that Steve's only interest was in Mary's inheritance. Joanne recovered from surgery performed by Bill. Steve returned the club's cash box and money and let Robert think Theresa had taken it.
WEEK OF JULY 17 - JULY 21, 1978
Janice was antagonistic toward Maggie after Hope spilled the beans that Joanne is Janice's real mother. Don apologized to Marlena for his bitter behavior, then heard his first sound in a week. David comforted Valerie after her father died. Doug blew up at Julie for consulting with Steve about buying a boutique. Doug grew chummier with Theresa. Mary dated Steve and argued with Chris over his opposition to Bob's building plans.
WEEK OF JULY 24 - JULY 28, 1978
Alice comforted Margo about her death fears. Doug reluctantly signed the lease for Julie and Steve's new business. Julie feared that Theresa was using Doug to build Theresa's record career. Don refused to move in with Marlena during his recuperation and she resented Donna's intrusion into Don's life. Maggie and Mickey consulted Laura about Janice and Joanne checked out of the hospital. While Jeri told Timmy that they were going to Italy, David learned Trish's new address. Linda fished for information on Brooke's association with Bob.


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