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Queen B
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Dec 28 2013, 10:44 AM
Queen B 8 minutes ago

It was very creepy, and I'm sure it wasn't supposed to be creepy but MCE just plays it that way because she's constantly over acting in every scene to the point of making us cringe.. kind of like someone else we know who got put into a coma in July?

I know people like Chelsea but that doesn't mean she fits the standards of who a soap character/actor should be. She's on the show today because the people who run this show don't know how to do their jobs properly.. if it were the 90's when Bill Bell was in charge they wouldn't have this screeching, annoying non acting bitch on the classy work of art of a show that was once Y&R

There were no screechers in the 90's? No over actors? No sleepers? Chelsea isn't going anywhere. She can act with anyone on Y&R. When our star comes out of the coma recast or not, someone's world is going to fall down around their pointy little head.
Bill Bell was pretty good at his job and people like Chelsea only played small roles to create problems for the main characters..they wouldn't become a main character. i am also looking forward to Phyllis returning! A new actress who doesn't shit on their scenes like MS did will make me love the character again. And even I know that Phyllis coming back will cause problems for Sharon but this is a soap, we need conflict to keep things interesting. That doesn't mean Nick will stop loving Sharon.

I would love to see Sandra Nelson return as Phyllis, she was always on point with her lines and didn't try to add in her own over the top pointing and shouting in a pathetic attempt to try and make Phyllis more interesting or funny, which clearly didn't work because look at where the bitch is now...in a coma
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