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I'm kind of torn about this. I LOVED DT's Billy and was upset when he left. I stopped caring about Billy Abbott until BM came into the role. Billy was the golden boy of Y&R in 2009. He was paired with Victoria and I truly enjoyed the pairing. Still do. The writers just didn't know how to write for them. BM's departures hurt the character as well.

Oh & the Glow by Jabot kids were everything. I didn't miss Y&R that summer. My sister and I were HOOKED.



Glow by Jabot's summer Internet campaign initially sounded duller than BIG BROTHER. A bunch of people sitting around a house talking? Without so much as an immunity challenge to liven things up? But execution is everything, and THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS surprised us by delivering a story that was anything but all wet.

Billy, Brittany, Raul and Rianna tanning in skimpy bathing suits by the pool would not have been enough to hold our interest all summer, but the unexpected addition of Phyllis as producer - with fearful Mac as her assistant - raised the mercury. While Mac skulked around hiding from the Webcam, Phyllis advised Brittany on the finer points of tricking a man into sleeping with her. When Brittany discovered that her "boyfriend", Billy, was secretly locking lips with Mac, she turned the tables with a lusty scenario that tore Billy and Mac apart. With Phyllis as Brittany's mentor, don't bet on the star-crossed Billy and Mac to come out of this as SURVIVORS.

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