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I am enjoying TK as Ridge as well. The character is completely different. Agree that he is more manly and commanding than RM. Sorry, I just never could take Ridge seriously before. Also seems like we are getting a new version of Ridge vs. Rick as well. But no hopefully with less cheese in the acting department. ;)

Also am enjoying Quinn vs. Donna to be the new "Queen" of Forrester. Building up of a good rivalary.

Too bad it is still dragged down by the love lives of Hope/Liam. But I will say that I don't blame Hope for running off because Steffy has always been able to have Liam at her beckon call with the snap of her finger. HOWEVER, I would have more sympathy and respect for Hope if she walked in when she saw Steffy and Liam saying "Bitch, Please". How great can this love be if every time one tiny incident can break it apart. They just need to end this mess one way or another and move on. It is such a drag on the overall show.
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