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Dec 30 2013, 01:18 PM
Sabrina is having Patrick's baby!...This will bring them closer, because they were planning to start a family after their almost wedding!....Patrick wants a baby, so he will be happy to hear the news!

Even if you are right, No woman would want a Man to choose her simply because she is pregnant, when he clearly Chooses a life with another woman.. I can see him being Happy, and Sad that it isnt Robin instead
Then doing the right thing by Sabrina and Baby, Just as he intended with Britt.. Sabrina knows he would do that, And that might be even more painful for her.. But Im sure it will create some angst.. Patrick wants a Child, But thats becuz he was so ready with Britt.. It isnt that he wanted a child right away or tried with Sabrina, She said they always used BC..

And... He **CHOSE** Robin.. Renews his Vow's Love, and commitment to ROBIN..Wants a Baby with "Robin" Sabrina would never be Happy with him now cuz she would know WHY he came back .. IF he came back to her.
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