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Dec 31 2013, 10:33 PM
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Dec 31 2013, 05:27 PM
still I don't like Julie.
I love Julie, but my opinion of her went down a few notches when she became Nick's cheerleader and tried to insist that he had changed and was just misunderstood. No. He never changed -- in fact, he got worse, and he treated Julie's other cousin, Will, like shit for months and was never the least bit sorry about what he had done -- and now the whole town knows that, so I really need Julie to acknowledge that Nick isn't her perfect little ball of sunshine anymore. Hope has acknowledged it. Maggie has acknowledged it. I wish that both of them had done more to acknowledge it, but still, they both acknowledged it. Julie never has, and if she keeps defending Nick without ever bothering to acknowledge the fact that he was (or is) a messed-up, homophobic, possessive-obsessive extortionist and an all-around jerk (and those are just the things that I can say about him that are public knowledge in Salem -- he's also an attempted rapist -- oh, and a murderer, but he "did his time" for that, so apparently it doesn't count) -- especially in scenes with her other cousin's grandmother, Kate (I really cannot stress that enough -- Julie is equally related to both Nick and Will, but has yet to show loyalty to Will for the way that Nick treated him) -- it's going to further tarnish my view of an otherwise great character.
Julie's worst offence was during the reveal at the wedding, she kept talking as though Nick was a lost little boy. She blamed Maggie and said that if she was around non of this would have happened. She didn't even chastise Nick for passing Will's baby as his. Will was a confused teenager who was just dealing with his coming out and a baby but they had no sympathy for him. Hope was even worse. Nick was picking her brain about a way to win custody of Will's baby and to remove Will from his baby's life and her response was: honey, all the Hortons will be on your side. WTF! My response would have been, "you know what Nick, I would like that you and Will come up with an amicable way of sharing custody. Let the family help you." Hope has known Will all his life and yet she had no sympathy or connection to him. Speaking of connection, what I don't understand is how the hell did they form this closeness with Nick? Nick came to Salem when he was an adult. He grew up in Chicago. I have cousins who grew up in other states and I am not that close to them even though my dad and his siblings are very close. It's not realistic and it makes being a Horton some sort of a magical thing, unless you're Lucas and his kids.
Hope and Julie were both close with Nick's parents and historically Julie and Marie were pretty close, as well. While Will grew up before their eyes, he is Lucas and Sami's kid. Julie kind of took Sami under her wing at some point, but other than that, only Maggie and Jennifer were ever really close with Lucas. Its a believable line to draw and I honestly would have liked to see that play out more. Marlena and Kate and Sami in Will's corner, Maggie and Jennifer torn, Abigail torn, and Julie and Hope clearly on Nick's side, obviously not because he's a homophobe but because they felt responsible for him.

Instead, we got Sami vs. Rafe because of Gabi.
I get the history, but Hope should have been torn. She's Will's great-aunt by marriage. She must've interacted with him while she was married to Bo. Knowing his upbringing she should've had some sympathy for him. Hope is close with Roman, Caroline and all the Bradys yet she couldn't muster any sympathy for their kid. Her unique position within the two families should've made her a natural peace maker instead of completely siding with Nick. Even Rafe showed more fairness towards Will. His reaction was mostly fuelled by his anger towards Sami and once he recovered he tried to be fair and supportive to both Gabi and Will.
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