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Jan 2 2014, 10:51 PM
Stitch changed his name? No, his real name is Ben Rayburn. Nickname from military is Stitch.
I think his nickname in the military was "Stitch" because
they were in the war in Afghanistan and
he was a medic who stitched up war wounds.

He was a medic there, not an MD.

I remember around the time that Nikki went to get her checkup for MS(MultipleSclerosis) --
and Adam and Chelsea first brought Connor into the hospital for an eye exam before they knew what was wrong ...
anyhow .. around that time period was when Stitch first started working as a doctor at the hospital in Genoa City.
And ... Chelsea was surprised.

The conversation between Chelsea and Stitch at that time was something about -- Dylan had previously told Chelsea that Stitch had STARTED medical school but not finished it ... before they went to war. So Stitch served in the war as an army medic and not as a doctor -- because he WASN'T a doctor then. (air date 10-7-2013).

I got the impression that ... Dylan and Stitch hadn't seen each other for a year or two or more -- a gap of time apart -- after Afghanistan, but before moving to Genoa City. (i might be remembering this part wrong, so don't quote me!)

At any rate, Stitch hasn't been an MD for very long at all. He's currently serving as a "resident" at the hospital, I think.

This makes me wonder when/how/what happened between Kelly and Stitch. And it makes me wonder about Kelly's remark -- "oh so people in Genoa City are calling you DOCTOR Rayburn?" which she said in a snide disparaging way. As if he wasn't ever a doctor at all, or if he'd lost his license, or if he'd messed up during his internship or something.

However on the other hand, Kelly might have been NOT questioning him being a doctor. Maybe she was questioning people referring to him by the surname Rayburn? I don't know.

(Edited to correct my error.)
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