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Jan 3 2014, 05:22 PM
Jan 3 2014, 12:19 PM
Jan 2 2014, 11:42 PM
I still don't understand why didn't Britt use her own eggs. Can she not have children or something? I am sorry but I didn't watch GH lately. I am several episodes behind and being dragging my feet ever since I found out about Ben not being Britt's baby, Sabrina's pregnancy and Patrick's general assholery.
She was going to use her own eggs, but Obrecht told her to just steal lante's because she'd get pregnant quicker using existing embryos than if she would if she went through the whole process of taking fertility treatments, harvesting the eggs etc. And of course, she had to get pregnant ASAP so that Patrick would think the child could be his.
Thanks, Six! Sucks that Ben is not Britt's baby. I didn't care about the daddy, but I really, really wanted him to be her baby. So far, soap gods have not answered one singal wish.

I wanted Ben to be Britt as well and Dante the father.My other scenario was Ben being Lulu and Starvos child of Britt/Starvos baby. Like others have said Ben's paternity is boring and predictable. Considering that Lulu has been throwing maternal temper tantrums, she should have a boat load of children by now.
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