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May I put my two cents in?You are right on most every count here.;)I hate the idea that Daniel Jonas has insinuated himself in almost EVERY story on the show because the writers love this character/actor.The writing has been horribly unbalanced for the other characters/actors.....which we only see them "propping"Dan and/or Jenn to the point of ridiculous.And with Shawn on Steve Harvey "Looking For Love"was just a means by TPTB to continue propping this character/actor even more.What in the world would we do without Dan/Shawn on this show?Think of the possibilities.I would love to see Hope in a REAL s/l......god knows she deserves it(No,not with Dan).A wonderful actress.
I do like Nicole/Ari and hope she is happy...........but Nicole with Daniel?OMG......please no.I've been hoping that they would put her with Jack and that didn't happen.Oh well.
BTW......I did like Hope with Liam.....at least what I saw.........and putting him with Jennifer is such a waste.But then again......that's just my two cents.
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