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Jan 5 2014, 11:45 AM
As for Hope and her new man? Honestly? Who gives a crap at this point? EShabby has already sucked the thunder, excitement and fan fare out of that, so there's nothing worth writing home about anymore. I would rather have a root canal while watching a crummy pre-school play over Lame Shlop Of TomSells Lives. It gives me nothing to be thrilled about. LOL
I give lots of craps (not those kind ;) ).
I don't understand how EJabby "suck the thunder" from whatever Hope/someone pairing there may be in the future. By the time Hope is paired with someone, EJabby will be long past. I have a feeling that lots of people will be excited when the spoilers/promos/article reveal Hope's getting a new love interest. It's not going to have shock value like EJabby, but not everything needs to be shocking. Some times it's good to have things that make sense, characters getting something they've long "needed" (I put that in quotes cause KA doesn't need a male counterpart to make Hope successful, & Hope doesn't need a man in her life because she falls apart otherwise, but as a soap character, a romantic pairing is always a plus, and Hope being paired with someone other than Bo will be interesting to watch to say the least).
Might I suggest that if you'd rather have a root canal, that you should just stop watching. :shrug: No one is forcing you to watch if you don't like what's on.
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