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I really like Tad, I think it was a great idea to give him the barman gig, he interacts with a lot of characters that way and adds a little bit of fun in the middle of dramatic scenes, he's the perfect comic relief. I don't really want him to become a regular and get a big storyline, I think it's the kind of character that work well as a recurring, like Anne Milbauer.

I'm sorry to read a lot a fans find the writing bad, I disagree, I think 2013 was a great year for Days and not just for the Kristen storyline but also for the beginning of Ericole, JJ and Theresa debut, Nick's homophobia, Justin/Adrienne involvement in Sami's trial, Ciara, I liked Rafe's pairings with Kate and Jordan too and even if I'm not a fan of Ejami, I think the writers did a good job with them too. I mean, are you sure you can't find one thing you currently like on the show?!
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