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Jan 6 2014, 09:11 PM
of course TK is a much better Ridge than RM.

As for the business aspect, if Rick was seriously thinking of the company, he would have think of more diverse ideas. Diverse in the sense, he should have maintained more than one line. He banked on HFTF as the main product to drive the company. In business, companies usually have their big brand which cost more to the consumer; but they also have smaller brands that are cost driven. Rick should have used HFTF as the low cost driver and still maintain its big brand. But unfortunately, Rick only concentrated on HFTF and ignored the company's core product. That's usually of mistakes one learn in business 101.

As for Brooke, there is no hope for that heifer. I get annoyed every time she is on the screen with her fucking one-eyed tear.

When Thomas was CEO, he suggested that FC tapped into the 95% of the markets that were ignored by FC. Both Eric and Rick scoffed at his ideas. FC was about couture gowns, not about a teenager clothing line.
Ridge was stating that FC needs to get back to his brand, couture gowns.
Every fashion show on show has been about HFTF, not couture gowns, period.
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