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I don't want to see either return.

Joyce is awful. All this nonsense stems from her trying to make herself relevant by getting into an argument over stray hair. Now she's blowing this entire thing extremely out of proportion. Brandi is racist and hates Puerto Riccans? She married one, she's clearly not over one, and she has children who are. It's absurd. And her relationship with her husband is creepy. DO we really want to watch another Simon picking fights with his wife's costars? Nope.

And Carlton just comes across as really fake and desperate. As if you've come onto a show and not used google, Wikipedia, IMDB, etc. "Oh you were in Witch Mountain?" "Oh you were in one of my favourite movies of all time Halloween?" I'm a Halloween fan, I had no idea there was a Kim and Kyle associated with Kathy and Paris, but I immediately recognized that little Lindsay Wallace was a cast member on the upcoming RHOBH and set out to watch for her. It's 2013, it's the information age, everyone has a computer in their pocket. Don't buy it.
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