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WEEK OF MARCH 12 - MARCH 16, 1979
Trish claimed she was near David's apartment when someone tried to molest her. Later, Alice learned that Donna allowed Trish to visit Scott secretly. Bob hired a detective to locate Linda and instituted security checks at the plant when he signed to do a government project. Stephanie stalled being fingerprinted and burned her hand on purpose. Amanda's long-distance marriage to Greg grew strained and she agreed to a date with Neil. Marlena and Don honeymooned. Doug and David told Julie not to interfere with David and Stephanie's relationship.
WEEK OF MARCH 19 - MARCH 23, 1979
Chris walked out when Mary refused to accept his engagement ring. Bob assured Stephanie she needn't worry about the security checks because of her burned hands. In New York, Julie ran into Linda, who said she was consulting a doctor about her memory lapse. Margo was upset that Mike moonlighted to pay for their new house. Doug advised Maggie to allow Janice to remain with Joanne. Marlena and Don returned and understood why Donna is allowing Trish to see Scott secretly.
WEEK OF MARCH 26 - MARCH 30, 1979
Mike lost his garage job and became a car attendant at Doug's Place. Linda returned to Salem, kept separate rooms with Bob, was miffed to learn Stephanie has taken over at work, experienced bits of memory, and resolved to stick with Bob while telling him she'll give him his freedom. Chris took over Neil's date with Amanda when Neil was called on an emergency. Laura acted irrationally with Marlena after learning Laura's mother is making progress at a mental institution. Steve questioned Robert about who was the insemination donor for Dougie. Trish and David were on better terms.


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