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S loves EJ
Jan 9 2014, 11:13 AM
I donīt know if I can see Ejabby in a long term relationship either, maybe she is to good and naiv for him he probably would become Everett but they do have hot sexual chemistry so they would at least be enjoyable in having a hot fling for a while, even if Iīm not sure if I want them to sleep together again before ejami have broken up. I think itīs damaging for EJīs character to continue to cheat on Sami so I would like to see him being true to Sami from now on.
:shrug: This isn't damaging to his character at all. It's perfectly in character for him. I honestly don't get where this "he would never cheat on Sami because he's always loved her" is coming from. Not only has he truly loved someone else, he's proved by his own actions in the past that he hasn't loved Sami because of the truly heinous depths he's sunk to not just hurt her, but enjoyed the hell out of hurting her.
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