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S loves EJ

I donīt expect Ejami to last forever and I like both Ejami and Ejabby so I donīt have a problem with them going in Ejabby direction, but they donīt have to break up Ejami in an ugly way and destroying in the process what made Ejami special. Itīs possible that if Ejabby were to sleep again that I will find it to be to hot to care or I will see EJ being a big jerk and therefore not like what I see. Maybe I can be fine with it if EJ and Abby fight their feelings for a long time and then once give in to their feelings and being caught by Sami, but I donīt want to see them going at it behind Samiīs back Iīm okey with it happening once but Iīm not sure about an on going affair. I think it would make most sense for EJ to have a lot of regrets and to not letting it happen again because he stills loves Sami.
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