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S loves EJ

Jan 9 2014, 02:21 PM
S loves EJ
Jan 9 2014, 02:13 PM
I donīt expect Ejami to last forever and I like both Ejami and Ejabby so I donīt have a problem with them going in Ejabby direction, but they donīt have to break up Ejami in an ugly way and destroying in the process what made Ejami special.
So all the other "bad scenes" of Ejami weren't ugly then? Like her shooting him in the head? His raping of her? Terrorizing her family?

While I don't like Ejami and I'm laughing at the idea of him dumping Sami's ass to go with Abby, I honestly don't expect or want that to happen. If I were to get Ejabby, I'd like them to deal with Ejami in an adult way where he and Sami properly call it quits with as much dignity and solace that can be provided for them as an established couple. Ejami haters out there will laugh at that idea but I'm serious. But because we've never seen Ejami handling themselves with dignity or respect when there are hurt feelings and anger happening. Should Sami be angry with EJ? Absolutely. What he did was wrong. And her last major screw up in the Nick situation is no way an excuse for him to even kiss another woman, much less sleep with one.

But for someone who has cheated on her relationships with both Lucas and Rafe with EJ, Sami being the one cheated on by EJ (who she does treat like a lapdog lately) is karma.

No I think Ejami has a ugly past but that doesnīt mean they need to add more.
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