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Jan 9 2014, 03:12 PM
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Jan 9 2014, 01:55 PM
Soaps no longer go with OTP romances. So trying to make Ejami a OTP is ridiculous because they are going to break up, go with someone else and, yes I admit, probably get back together again. On again off again is how soaps have managed to have fans to keep coming back since so many insist they would "QUIT WATCHING" if they break up their favorite couple up. Personally, I wish soaps would stop trying to appease these particular fans because they aren't so much loyal to the show but to the actors on the show.

The only couples that managed to even come close to OTPs are the supercouples and even they aren't lasting anymore. Any minute, we expect Bo and Hope to split up (which is so sad. They should have just killed off Bo when PR left so the Bo fans could get closure and the actor be allowed to have the send off he deserved). Steve and Kayla are split up. And actually John and Marlena now are too. So why Ejami fans think they are more entitled to keep their pairing at a higher status than THOSE COUPLES, I have no idea.
It's not that EJami is of a higher status or that they would last, I personally just wanted to see a complete, unforced wedding and a nanosecond of marital bliss before the crap hits the fan. All the couples you mentioned at least got that, along with Lumi & Safe.

The anger is that TPTB can't leave any couple alone for a week. The fact that Julie & Doug and Maggie & Victor are the only intact married couples on the show is criminal. Love the Ericole dynamic, but is it worth my time to continue to watch and cheer for them when they can't even let EJami get happily married after nearly 8 years of crap?
Didn't Ejami get married before? Years ago?

But those supercouples took a lot longer to come together back in the day. Also, starting the wedding off (or engagement) with adultery is not limited to them. Shawn and Belle finally got together after years of being apart only for her to start cheating with Philip.

When it comes to soaps, what I've found is the "honeymoon" period. I call it a honeymoon not because its at the start of a relationship but just a happy time for the couple with little angst within their own romance. Many times this simply just occurs because the couple is put on backburner for awhile. Since Ejami never gets to go on backburner, the fact they've been together for this long is amazing and has little to do with the stage of what's next, ie, marriage. Considering how many times Sami has been married, it's not like this wedding is going to be treated any more special the other "one time event" weddings she's had.
They were forced to get married to end the vendetta...Sami wore black and EJ was shot by Lucas/Will about a second after they said "I do." Then there was the botched, never finished wedding with the Sydney reveal and Sami shooting EJ. It was just the payoff of real wedding after all the years of will they or won't that I looked forward to.

I didn't think Belle cheated on Shawn...I thought he didn't remember her because Jan had brainwashed him, then she hooked up with Phillip. And their whole story arc was shorter than the EJami arc and they went from high school kids to happily married and sailing into the sunset together.

It's probably because I've watched for so long and seen so many great couples that it makes me sad to see the show as it is today. If I were a newer viewer, it probably wouldn't be as frustrating.
If you want playoff like lumi had it will be it probably the all wedding ej scared Abby will ruin his wedding and he end up marrying Sami Sami find the truth and does not care and there no wedding night love scene only seem them go the bedroom.Abby later go to tell Sami her version Sami does not listening.ej and Sami going to honeymoon when they build up stuff and they find letters and Abby show up in their honeymoon and in letters they find of lookalike of ej and Abby in flashblacks we see love scenes of ej and Abby lookalike while no real love scene of ej and Sami.later they find the only their family will be safe if ej marry Abby and all that time Abby show everywhere ej goes and tries hitting on him.ej and Abby end up married after ej was barley was married 6 months to Sami and Sami end up in jail.so you want payoff like lumi that's what you will get
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