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Jan 10 2014, 01:10 AM
Ridge has lot of nerve look how he has treated Brooke all these years similar to Liam going back fourth between Brooke and Taylor. He left Brooke because he didn't him and About Deacon.
They not marry so she can do what hell she want to do. Katie has a nerve blaming Brooke for her acts of craziness , and pushing Bill and Brooke together with Taylor help. :shrug: .

Ridge made his choice when he married Brooke. It not his fault that Brooke refuses to change her ways, maybe that why he left her,or he wanted her to think about her past mistakes and grow from them.

Taylor called Brooke number and so did Katie, so I blame Brooke, period.
If she missed Ridge so much all she had to do was get on a plane to Paris to work things out.

As usual Brooke is trying to push Bill/Katie together so she can be some type of hero that brought them together. :eyeroll: :drunk:
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