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Halloween Family
Jan 10 2014, 01:58 AM
Jan 10 2014, 12:36 AM
Halloween Family
Jan 10 2014, 12:28 AM
Jan 10 2014, 12:25 AM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
Refresh my memory. Did Sami go to an abortion clinic? I don't remember her discussing it as an option. I seem to remember Lucas seeing something and jumped to a conclusion.
It was an abortion clinic, but they didn't just do abortions.
Planned Parenthood?

I don't remember the details, I remember it as Lucas seeing the phone book open to ABORTION when she was really looking for ATTORNEY. something like that.
Probably something similar.

No, she was at the clinic when he found her. Like...sitting on the table or whatever. She was just there for a reason other than what he thought. Because once he got there, he still thought that's what she was doing.
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