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My personal opinion/reflection on the Abby/EJ scenes from the past week:

I have never liked the character of EJ. At all. I loathe him.

I tried to like him this past week, but I still didn't like him.

As I posted fourteen months ago -- i would support Abby + EJ -- only if Abby gets to be in charge.

I viewed the events at the cabin through the lens of my own wishes. I saw it as Abby being a woman having sexual desire for a man, and enjoying herself, in an empowering way.

I viewed Abby as desiring some guy with a bad reputation but ... I don't want to believe she knows about his past crimes.

Unfortunately, I don't trust the writers -- and I think they will make this all about EJ.

I have not forgiven the rapes, kidney-stealing, and other crimes of EJ's past. And I cannot forgive his misogynistic attitudes.

If writers end up portraying Abby as worshiping at the altar of EJ, then I will vomit.

If she gets pregnant, I ... just can't watch such a storyline. WTF century is this?

What I would like to see:
I'd like Abby to remain smart, strong, and savvy.
I'm happy if she has some wild fun passion as a diversion.
And then, I'd like her to stand strong and move on to other loves.

I want her to remember her hot fun roll in the hay, but at the same time reject having an ongoing affair with EJ. I want her choice to be because it.s her CHOICE, and not some guilt thing.

And ... I still want her primary focus to be a career.
I'd like to see her as a MODERN young woman with some feminist ideals.

But I don't trust the writers. I'm afraid they'll mess this up. I just don't want to see any more plots that patronize women. I'm tired of misogyny.

So I've decided that I enjoyed a few scenes this week and will pretend the scenes meant what I *wish* they meant.

But I cannot watch the show if they continue to glamorize EJ's power-trips. I cannot watch until his crimes are dealt with. The writers won't call him a rapist. The writers won't call him a kidney-stealer. They just write him as a "sexy bad man".

NO. I'm not going to accept that.

I've watched the soaps on and off for 40 years, and then I walk away disgusted and frustrated, and then come back a few years later.

But now I'm done. My frustration at misogyny is larger than any enjoyment I get. It's not entertaining for me to watch the soaps or discuss the soaps anymore. I'm done with soap operas.

A real sincere thanks to everyone here at DR for being friendly and fun. I wish you all well.

I just gotta do what's right for me. Logging off.
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