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Jan 10 2014, 08:52 AM
My personal opinion/reflection on the Abby/EJ scenes from the past week:

I have never liked the character of EJ. At all. I loathe him.

I tried to like him this past week, but I still didn't like him.

As I posted fourteen months ago -- i would support Abby + EJ -- only if Abby gets to be in charge.

I viewed the events at the cabin through the lens of my own wishes. I saw it as Abby being a woman having sexual desire for a man, and enjoying herself, in an empowering way.

I viewed Abby as desiring some guy with a bad reputation but ... I don't want to believe she knows about his past crimes.

Unfortunately, I don't trust the writers -- and I think they will make this all about EJ.

I have not forgiven the rapes, kidney-stealing, and other crimes of EJ's past. And I cannot forgive his misogynistic attitudes.

If writers end up portraying Abby as worshiping at the altar of EJ, then I will vomit.

If she gets pregnant, I ... just can't watch such a storyline. WTF century is this?

What I would like to see:
I'd like Abby to remain smart, strong, and savvy.
I'm happy if she has some wild fun passion as a diversion.
And then, I'd like her to stand strong and move on to other loves.

I want her to remember her hot fun roll in the hay, but at the same time reject having an ongoing affair with EJ. I want her choice to be because it.s her CHOICE, and not some guilt thing.

And ... I still want her primary focus to be a career.
I'd like to see her as a MODERN young woman with some feminist ideals.

But I don't trust the writers. I'm afraid they'll mess this up. I just don't want to see any more plots that patronize women. I'm tired of misogyny.

So I've decided that I enjoyed a few scenes this week and will pretend the scenes meant what I *wish* they meant.

But I cannot watch the show if they continue to glamorize EJ's power-trips. I cannot watch until his crimes are dealt with. The writers won't call him a rapist. The writers won't call him a kidney-stealer. They just write him as a "sexy bad man".

NO. I'm not going to accept that.

I've watched the soaps on and off for 40 years, and then I walk away disgusted and frustrated, and then come back a few years later.

But now I'm done. My frustration at misogyny is larger than any enjoyment I get. It's not entertaining for me to watch the soaps or discuss the soaps anymore. I'm done with soap operas.

A real sincere thanks to everyone here at DR for being friendly and fun. I wish you all well.

I just gotta do what's right for me. Logging off.
I wish Abby will pull herself together and act like a sexually liberated young woman. What happened to her saying to EJ, she was a mature woman and what happened was her choice. It would be nice, if Abby's reaction to what happened is that it was fun but it's not happening again. I don't want her sharing awkward glances with EJ, or having a conversation with her mom about what happened or agonizing over this at all. I want to see her having a conversation with her friend Meghan about having this wild encounter with an older man and then moving on.

Unfortunately, the writers' definition of a feminist is Abby saying dumb shit like: "I'm through with men." Then in few weeks seducing an older man, then in the same day going back to her whinny-virginity obsessed self.

If they thought women should have careers beyond obsessing over men, they would have all of Kate's stories centered on her ruthlessness in business and bringing down competitors, instead of her obsessing over Salem's dullest man.

BTW, what's the story about the kidney stealing? Why did EJ steal John's kidney?
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