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WEEK OF APRIL 23 - APRIL 27, 1979
Stephanie broke up with David because of Trish. Chris fumed when Julie warned against his romance with Amanda. Linda seethed when Bob invited Stephanie to stay in Mary's quarters. Linda enticed Bob into bed, but he nixed further forays. Laura acted neurotic with Kate, who dated Neil but told him she was quitting her job. Laura's mother's ghost cautioned that Jordan is out to grab Laura's job. Julie was set ablaze during a kitchen fire at Maggie's. Donna visited Don's mother. Doug had Don put Rebecca's letter under lock and key and hid the facts from Julie. Mike and Margo moved into their new house.
WEEK OF APRIL 30 - MAY 4, 1979
Neil was lovey-dovey with Kate. Julie was hospitalized for her burns. Marie nursed her, Laura insisted on helping her psychologically, and Maggie blamed herself for the accident. Amanda postponed returning to Greg because her help is needed with Hope. Chris got his own apartment so that he and Amanda can be together privately. Donna returned with expensive gifts for Don and Marlena. Neil lied to Robert saying that Doug's artificial insemination donation didn't work out. Stephanie ingratiated herself further in Bob's life, much to Linda's dismay.
WEEK OF MAY 7 - MAY 11, 1979
Marie questioned Laura's methods in handling Julie's therapy which made Julie's mental outlook worse instead of better. Chris fantasized seducing Amanda. Linda has been remembering more of her past, but has kept up the amnesia act. Mike borrowed money from Chris and Mickey without Margo's knowledge.


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