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I don't want to hear anymore about how good of a friend Felix is to Sabrina. She begged him not to tell Patrick about the pregnancy and he broke her confidence all to hell and back. While I think Patrick has a right to know, that jackass had no place telling him. Not that I care about Sabrina much, but that was a crappy thing for Felix to do.

RC once again screws up the return of a major and important character with AJ. WTH? Why did they bother to bring him back if they were just going to have him go back to drinking and feeling sorry for himself? :soapbox:

I see on the preview that Silas is once again manhandling someone. This time it's the new detective. I can't warm up to this Silas character and his loud caveman tendencies are one of the reasons. He can go away for all I care.
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