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Jan 11 2014, 03:35 PM
Jan 11 2014, 01:27 PM
Jan 11 2014, 01:19 PM
Did anyone hear any interesting information from this broadcast?

Lauren Koslow @laurenkoslow 9 Jan
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The only thing spoilerish was that Lauren seemed to say the Kate/Jordan/Rafe/Sheryl and Nick's "murder" stories were still ongoing.
Hmmm. If the Nick thing is a really long-term storyline, I assume this means that Nick will have amnesia if he crashes Ari's christening. He'll probably remember that he's Nick Fallon but just won't remember how he ended up in the river. In fact, maybe Nick will think that he tried to commit suicide by jumping in the river after Gabi yelled at him in Horton Square. In that case, the murder conspirators will have to stick close to Nick in order to ensure that he doesn't remember what really happened to him.

Isn't Camila Banus almost finished filming at DAYS? It seems like the whole Nick "murder" storyline would have to be wrapped up before Camila leaves (unless DAYS recasts the role of Gabi).
I am almost positive that Camila stated in a twitter chat a couple of months ago that her last tape day is January 15 or right around that date.

Maybe Days will go the crazy route with Nick like with an alter. That runs in his family doesn't it? I hope Camila leaving doesn't mean Nick has to leave. Blake is one of the best actors on the show. Though, I get the feeling that Gabi might wind up dead in the end because of Nick which would be the irony of this whole cover up thinking she killed Nick.
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