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Jan 7 2014, 02:32 PM
Jan 6 2014, 09:27 AM
O'Brien is gone, let the party begin.
I knew the nanny was off when she started telling the servant do things for her.
I am glad that Lady Mary walked in to the nursery. She should have called the police and escorted her off the property.
Lady Mary finally got out of her pitiful state and returned back to the land of the living and rejoiced when Matthew inheritance left her 50% of DA.
Robert still living in the dark ages about women and business.
It was Lady Grantham that walked into the nursery, not Lady Mary. And she wouldn't call the police for something such as that. Such an action would have brought light to something the family would want kept 'in house'. She didn't even tell Mrs. Hughes what had happened and Mrs. Hughes works for the family and is trustworthy enough not to spread gossip about.

As for someone to escort Nanny West off the property, Carson could have done that with ease if asked to do so, but again...that draws attention to it. The gossip amongst the staff as they try to figure out what happened will be enough without something like the woman being escorted off the property being added to it.

Thanks for clearing up the names of the women. :popcorn:
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