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Jan 11 2014, 09:03 PM
What makes both stories of AJ on the sauce and Franco/Carly so bad is things could be so different. Seriously an AJ/Carly romance would be 1,000 times better than what we've got now. There is so much history just waiting to be mined with an AJ/Carly pairing. Which leads me to beat the dead horse senseless and conclude the following: TPTB should have let all three One Life to Live actors go at the end of their 13-week contract cycles last winter. Can you imagine how much better GH would be right now without Franco, Kiki, and Silas? On the whole I enjoy GH more than Days but I may need to take a brief break until Victor Cassadine comes back to town.

I was hoping that AJ would battle Tracy for ELQ again, but the TPTB has her nose up Luke's behind, that ELQ is non existence or running itself. The writers never resolved the issue of Franco/Kiki stocks in ELQ.
RH as Todd Manning was more entertaining than Franco, didn't care for ME as Silas/John, and KA as Kiki is nothing but a succubus to Michael life.
I getting to the point that it better to watch it online on the weekends, that watching regularly on my TV. This week i spent more time trying to stay awake.
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