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If Abbs comes up pregnant and Ej does all that..If I was her Id just say it was Chads. He is the one of the 2 DiMera men she slept with and also everyone already knows she was dating him. That way if it comes out lookin like Ej they have a back up plan. He could take care of the baby in the open and even let her live in the Mansion with him and Sami. All the bases will be covered, LMAO!
I know time in Salem is wonky, but Chad left on Halloween and the show has gone thru Christmas and New Year's. It's not like Gabi/Will/Nick, where they could pretend the baby came a little early. Abby would have to have the gestation period of an elephant in order for Chad to be the father of her baby.

When Abby talked to Jennifer she lead her to believe Chad was the person she slept with. (I was watching Fridays show) I think the bases are covered now. If and when there is a child between Ej and Abby the fault will go to Chad. The plot is set. They could very well be a baby as a result of this "Cabin Fever"

Except that Chad's been gone since late October. If EJ puts a bun in Abigail's oven, it's not likely to be mistaken for Chad's baby unless people forget how to count.
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