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Jan 12 2014, 11:08 PM
Jan 12 2014, 10:56 PM
Abby could lie about it being someone else's

Thats EXACTLY what she did. She told Jennifer that she slept with Chad! Jennifer thinks it was recent not months ago!
No, Abby's "confession" wasn't that she slept with Chad, it was that he manipulated her into sleeping with him. She told Jennifer about the brain tumor and Cameron backing off. She said she got together with Chad because she was so upset about Cameron.

I have to ask, what is it with the women on this show and not taking responsibility for their own actions? Abby says Chad manipulated her when he never did any such thing. Yes, he lied to Cameron, but it was Cameron's choice to step aside and it was Abby's choice to get back with Chad. At no point did Chad lie or manipulate her. Now she says that EJ took advantage of her when, as I recall, she was the one who stopped him when he tried to leave the cabin. Before that, Gabi had the nerve to blame Chad for the whole kidnapping and Daysaster because, with all the kissing and holding and "I love you's" with Melanie, he wasn't clear enough to Gabi that she didn't stand a chance with him. She then let Rafe believe that, when Will found out that Gabi was pregnant, he made her go to the abortion clinic. At no point did she tell Rafe that the abortion was her idea (don't get me wrong, it was definitely her choice), she just let him rage on like she was an innocent victim of, once again, a guy's manipulation. Speaking as a woman, they are really pissing me off!
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