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WEEK OF MAY 14 - MAY 18, 1979
Julie was hysterical that she'll lose Doug if skin grafts don't work. Linda and Mary united against Stephanie, although Bob assured Mary it's strictly business with him and Steph. Hope added to Maggie's guilt by blaming her for Julie's accident. Phyllis offered to sell her stock to Bob and noticed Stephanie's hold over Bob. Linda almost blew her amnesia cover in front of Phyllis. Amanda hesitated over moving in with Chris. Laura tried to keep visitors away from Julie, who swiped sedatives in case she can't face the future. Laura hid her growing madness, visions of her mother, Carrie.
WEEK OF MAY 21 - MAY 25, 1979
Amanda was thrown for a curve when Greg arrived. He returned to Chicago after a night of marital "performance failure" and suspected that another guy is in the picture. Laura's madness, which has Julie contemplating suicide, spread to Jennifer, whom Laura filled with nightmarish tales. Marie and Jordan met. Julie insisted she won't give her blessing to a reconciliation between Trish and David. Mike borrowed money from practically everyone. Chris felt guilty about Greg and tried to cool it with Amanda. Marlena fretted when Donna came up with another expensive gift, this time for Samantha, who won a drama award. Don advised Phyllis that Neil can't interfere in her stock-selling plans.
WEEK OF MAY 28 - JUNE 1, 1979
The search was on for Julie, who slipped out of the hospital with drugs. Phyllis pretended to be taken in by Neil's appeals that they start all over again. Laura didn't tell anyone that Julie had called and Laura hadn't discouraged her from running away to think things through. Mickey fretted about Maggie's reaction that Linda was rehired at the law office. The Julie crisis brought Amanda and Chris together. An out-of-town doctor advised Julie to return to her husband and the hospital. Stephanie was intrigued by the news that whoever buys Phyllis' stock will have veto power but not controlling interest.


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