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WEEK OF JUNE 4 - JUNE 8, 1979
Julie returned to undergo her plastic surgery operation, but Doug, Marie, and Jordan are convinced that Laura has been detrimental to Julie's case. Steve dated Mary in front of Amanda and Chris. Donna stole a ring from Chez Julie and gave it to Marlena for her birthday, saying it was a family heirloom. Robert made a will specifying that Dougie be sent to Robert's sister in France should anything happen to Robert. Mary tipped off Phyllis that Neil is snooping into Phyllis' reasons for wanting to sell her stocks. Maggie failed to cope with Hope's increasing antagonism. Bob suspected that Linda's memory has returned, while Julie was surprised at Stephanie's understanding of her surgery.
WEEK OF JUNE 11 - JUNE 15, 1979
Amanda and Chris succumbed to their desires after she told Mickey to start divorce proceedings against Greg. Linda lit up when Bob offered a complete reconciliation. Don didn't tell Marlena that he learned the truth from Steve about Donna's thieving ways. Laura hired Donna as Jennifer's babysitter, then, in a crazed state, took Jennie and left the babe alone on a bus. Bill and Marlena resisted Jordan's pleas that Laura's wacko, until Bill realized what Laura did to Jennifer. Laura also didn't remember forcing Mike to repay her loan and he had to deal with a loan shark while Laura lit into Margo for driving Mike to the poorhouse. Robert helped settle a tiff between David and Trish.
WEEK OF JUNE 18 - JUNE 22, 1979
The bus driver returned Jennie to Bill, who insisted that Laura is not bonkers, despite Marie's counsel. Marlena fretted that Laura's behavior might be hereditary. Julie's surgeon encouraged her, indicating that there won't be tissue-transplant rejection. Neil got the jitters when Phyllis noticed Dougie's resemblance to Doug. Robert considered going to Paris with Dougie. Phyl's "darling" called, offering her a trip to Hawaii.


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