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WEEK OF JUNE 25 - JUNE 29, 1979
Carrie's "ghost" pushed Laura over the edge. Laura swallowed drugs, locked herself in her room, and tried to hang herself. Bill and Alice came to the rescue. Bill finally accepted it that Laura has to be institutionalized. Chris accidentally bumped into Mary with his car after a fight resulting from his admission that he's through with her and serious about Amanda. Doug freaked out when Robert announced he's taking Dougie to Paris. Stephanie suspected that Linda had snooped around Steph's office, and noted that Linda recognized David, which didn't jibe with Linda's amnesia story. Steve hinted that Mary ought to sue Chris.
WEEK OF JULY 2 - JULY 6, 1979
Prompted by Steve, Mary asked Don to handle her lawsuit against Chris for the accident. Trish and David decided to make another go of their marriage. Julie felt she's a burden to Doug, but attended the Horton holiday picnic. Linda witnessed Chris and Mary's accident and realizes that Mary and Steve are lying about the circumstances. Neil implied he'd like to reconcile with Phyllis. Donna swiped a valuable bracelet from a wealthy baby sitting client. Bob chose Chris to deal with a potential new client, Alex Marshall, who Phyllis knows personally.
WEEK OF JULY 9 - JULY 13, 1979
Julie's first skin grafts didn't "take," and Steve took her to Chicago for another doctor's opinion. In Paris, Robert got along smashingly with Mimi, Steve's old girlfriend. Jordan showed more than a spiritual interest in Sister Marie. Bob encouraged Chris to take Amanda to San Francisco on a business trip. Steve left Maggie in charge of Chez Julie. The Chicago doctor advised Julie to undergo further treatment with her present doctor or else learn to live as she is. Mike took over Robert's maitre d' duties. Don and Marlena accused Donna of stealing the bracelet, then were proved wrong when the baby-sitting client found it. Neil refused Phyllis' request for a divorce.


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