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WEEK OF JULY 16 - JULY 20, 1979
Steve joined Mimi and resumed their affair. They met wealthy Byron Carmichael, who resembled Doug. Marie confided to Jordan about her tragic past with Tommy. Jordan took over as Laura's replacement after Marlena refused. Julie returned to Salem to tell Doug she had divorced him in Mexico. Marlena and Don argued about conflicts of interest between her patient, Lester, and his client, Trask. Mike was conned into working as loan shark Earl's "collector." Bob laid into Linda after he realized her memory had returned and she had been stringing him along. Trish hid a handful of diamonds. Steve and Mimi remembered that shady guy Durard had it out from Trish because she cheated him on a deal. Mickey offered to find a shop for Maggie since she dug working at Chez Julie.
WEEK OF JULY 23 - JULY 27, 1979
Byron's wife, Lee, made it clear she can't wait til he kicks the bucket, but Steve put the thought in his head that Doug may be his long-lost brother. Doug was depressed about Julie's divorce and she moved into a studio apartment. Marie's keeping mum about her life before she entered the convent. Chris and Amanda bought each other rings, but Greg popped up and insisted he's not letting her go without a fight.
WEEK OF JULY 30 - AUGUST 3, 1979
Stephanie convinced Mary to drop the lawsuit against Chris because of Bob's health. Stephanie also confessed to Julie that she's really Brooke Hamilton and had plastic surgery which was as successful as Julie's can be. Margo found Trish's hidden diamonds, but Trish swore her to secrecy. Donna likes Arthur, the son of Marlena's patient, Lester. Doug hit the bottle, while admitting to Neil that he was raised an orphan and his real name is Brent Douglas.


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