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Jan 16 2014, 11:19 PM
Jan 16 2014, 05:21 PM
Jan 16 2014, 05:04 PM
Jan 16 2014, 02:36 PM
:soapbox: to the writers for spending too much time on Carly/Franco/Heather instead of giving Robin POV during her ordeal for two years.
Can someone please shoot Sonny.
Liz is so predictable using her children to get Nik to go out with her. If the writers turn Nik into a waffler, then i am officially TeamfreeBrittfromNik.
I actually like watching this Carly/Franco/Heather story a lot more than the Robin/Patrick/Sabrina baby story. They don't seem as if they are going to cover Robin's point of view during her ordeal, otherwise they would have done it by now. They seem to be concentrating more on Sabrina and her expecting Patrick's baby. I am really not interested in that. I couldn't wait until Patrick and Sabrina ended because to me they were so boring together. I never enjoyed any of their scenes unless Britt was involved, and I think so far since Robin has been back, we have seen more of Sabrina than Robin. Well it seems like it to me.

I can understand if you don't like Franco or Franco and Carly, their story may be boring for you, but I enjoyed today's show.
When the truth comes out, everyone will be apologizing to St. Franco :shame: :eyeroll:

It certainly looks as if Liz wants Nicolas back.

Like others have stated, Liz does this to Nik when he has moved on with his life. She thought he was kidding about him and Britt being a couple and demanded that he throw her out of his home. She dropped AJ in August, came to Nik home in October and December trying to be his friend. All she going to is whiplash Nik into thinking that she wants him, then after he dumps Britt, she changes her mind.
Nik fits better with Britt because their no competition for her feelings. Liz spent too much time waffling between AJ/Nik, Jason/AJ/Nik, and Lucky/Nik when he was trying to get back together with her.
Maybe some of you need to take the blinders off. Nik said HE missed Liz first. She invited him on a play date with his nephews after they discussed not spending time together on the holidays. I watch GH everyday and have not seen one instance of Liz saying she wanted Nik back. When Nik asked her what she thought of his relationship with Britt she gave her opinion which was throw her lying a$$ to the curb.
Word. Liz has done nothing to try and come between Nik and Britt other than state her opinion ages ago, which she has every right to do. She even stayed the hell away from his home because she didn't want to put him in an awkward situation during the holidays. I like Britt, but not at the expense of Elizabeth.
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