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This is what happened on Days related social media this week

Kristian Alfonso worked and Jen Lilley caught up on her DVR watching.
Kristian Alfonso @KJAlfonso
Good Morning ;)) off to Salem !;)

jen_lilley: RT if you LOVE Lauren Boles! #Days #Ciara #BradyLadies @nbcdays

jen_lilley: Finally sitting down to catch up on @nbcdays and I just have to say it, I am shipping Wednesday's episode!! I love this show! #Days #hott

Eric and Jen Lilley joked around about their characters’ shipper name. Kate did things with her leg. James Scott had a birthday (his tweets weren’t brought over, but he appeared to be working that day). Camila took a pic of Gabi in her bedroom. Chrishell continued chronicling Jay Leno’s car.

Eric Martsolf @ericmartsolf 10h
“@saraGG14: @jen_lilley #DAYS I like Thrady and beresa. @ericmartsolf thoughts?” "Once. Twice. Three times a Thrady".

Jen Lilley @jen_lilley 10h
@ericmartsolf your best response! oh my goodness #funnyman

Jen Lilley[/b] @jen_lilley 4h
haha! Poor babies! RT @omgtjhappened: @jen_lilley ok. If I ever have twins I will totally name them #Thrady and #Bradesa

Days of our Lives @DaysofourLives 16h
Our fabulous @katemansi making the most of this Monday morning. Happy Monday!!! http://instagram.com/p/jHcGKcrptQ/

Jen Lilley @jen_lilley 1h
Happy birthday to @IamJamesScott :) #Days

Camila Banus: Saying hello from Gaby's bedroom ! This is my last week on set and it's feeling sad ): but I know an exciting time is coming (: will you miss gaby ????
Posted Image

William Shatner @WilliamShatner
@IamJamesScott I hear it's your birthday today. Happy Birthday!

James Scott @IamJamesScott
@WilliamShatner Thank you!

Chrishell7: Jay Leno won't be on my lot much longer. So here is his ride for today! http://t.co/af6w9dRkoo

Peter Reckell held a tweetathon and didn’t rule out returning. The always timely Ali and Galen discussed What Does the Fox Say. Lauren posted a picture from set with Deidre. So did Kristian.

MargoG118: @peterreckell Going to miss the tweetathon, question is,Would you go back to @nbcdays if they paid you the money you are so worth? #AMillion
peterreckell: Those of you who know me know I have learned to never say never! So going back to the show is always a possibility. But its not up to me.
peterreckell: Not that I don't have my stipulations. The circumstances would have to be different from when I left. And you know what I'm talking about.

peterreckell: "@brandibelle73: You mean you'd have to have...ya know...a story? #Sarcasm #YouGoBackIComeBack" LOL I knew you would understand

JulieMcGlothlen: @peterreckell great!! R u workn on anything right now?
peterreckell: Yes, I have two projects I'm working on developing right now. 1 is a Discovery Channel type show. The other is a movie.
peterreckell: The movie is the one I've been talking about over the past couple of years. Hopefully we've gotten to the point where it will finally happen
peterreckell: The movie is one that will be in the theaters, & I get to play a bad guy. Looking forward to that:)

peterreckell: "@TeamReckell: sounds fun! Period piece, present day story, or futuristic? :-)" it's a rather political present day, poignant story

queenswoop: @peterreckell how do you feel about #days still using Bo in their story but no replacement?? They're making u look like a bad father/husb
peterreckell: @queenswoop have had to get used to that kind of thing recently

peterreckell: "@silvamoonbeam: If Bo were to come back to Salem, he should go into disguise and take everyone by surprise ;) @peterreckell"I like it

peterreckell: "@shandee200: @peterreckell Do You Miss being on #days" oh yeah !they were some pretty good days. But things change

peterreckell: Thanks you guys for joining me!. Will keep in touch. I have projects coming up and so does @kellymoneymaker . So we will keep you posted!!!

peterreckell: Thanks for all the love and support over the years. Life is exciting and wonderful. We will have reason to celebrate soon I'm sure

Alison Sweeney @Ali_Sweeney
Thanks a lot @galengering - now What a Does a Fox Say is stuck in my head again. ://

galen gering @galengering
@Ali_Sweeney and since I'd never heard it till today I must admit I'm slightly enjoying torturing you with it...
Ring ding ding da ding a di

laurenkoslow: Back in Salem with @DeidreHall #staytuned...oooh, this story is GOOD! https://twitter.com/laurenkoslow/status/423595265837117440/photo/1
Posted Image

KJAlfonso: ;)) @DeidreHall http://pic.twitter.com/woVIapJQ3j
Posted Image

Kristian worked. Freddie and Guy waited around to film the last scene of the day while listening to Boogie Nights. Deidre posted a set pic with Shawn. Alison Paige worked.

@KJAlfonso: Good Morrrning ;) happy hmm what day is it ?definitely need more coffee.Have beautiful day everyone ,off to my home away frm home ;))) https://twitter.com/KJAlfonso/status/423827543393718273

freddiemsmith: Hanging with @THEguywilson waiting to shoot the last scene of the day. Blastin' the Boogie Nights soundtrack #Days #WilSon #ItsALivingThing

DeidreHall: Wild week coming to an end. Shot 3 full shows yesterday!! Woohoo!!! http://fb.me/6tRBbSDhg

Allison Paige: Nothing like a little Earthquake before heading to Salem @nbcdays

Camila got dramatic about her last day. Chrishell had to remove her nail polish. Guy declared his love for his costars, then posted two pics with Freddie and Casey. Lauren posted a pic from Kate and Camila’s last scene, then posted a pic of herself with Guy after some tender scenes. Galen was sad about Camila leaving.
camila banus @camilabanus 9h
Tomorrow is my last day shooting as my beloved character Gaby! Thought this photo was dramatic enough.… http://instagram.com/p/jQ7f5jsqOp/

Chrishell Stause @Chrishell7 Jan 16
Sadly my character Jordan doesn't share my taste in nail polish. Just removed it #DAYS pic.twitter.com/QRvefHrxj6

Guy Wilson: I have the privilege of going to to a job that I love and working with tour de force actors. #Days #WilSon #stillfeelslikeadream #gratitude

Guy [email protected]
Here's the full triumvirate! @freddiemsmith @1CaseyMoss #Days #WilSon #JJ pic.twitter.com/FbfOMLajVK
Posted Image

laurenkoslow: Our beautiful girls @camilabanus &@KateMansi share a hug & some very emotional scenes today! #days⭕ http://pic.twitter.com/VUYspaOA5u
Posted Image

laurenkoslow: tender scenes with @THEguywilson today ...so excited for you to see what's coming next! #days #FF http://pic.twitter.com/htRipjKWSV
Posted Image

galen gering @galengering 2h
Sad day sis. Sad day. Wuv u! RT @laurenkoslow: @CraneDays @camilabanus @KateMansi waaaa... Love that girl!

Guy Wilson: Kickin' it with the homies @freddiemsmith @1CaseyMoss and, of course, The King of Pop #Days #WilSon #MJ

Posted Image

Jen will be in Ireland next week. Lauren warned that being on the hospital set wasn’t necessarily an indicator of story. Guy asked for help updating his twitter avi.
jen_lilley: Going to Ireland for the week, so I probably won't be tweeting this week. I'll miss you tweethearts! Stay happy! xoxo

laurenkoslow: tender scenes with @THEguywilson today ...so excited for you to see what's coming next! #days #FF http://pic.twitter.com/htRipjKWSV

Posted Image[/quote]Chels_WILSON_2.0 ž@chelsee199
@laurenkoslow @THEguywilson honest question please tell me that's not the hospital in the background ?

Guy Wilson @THEguywilson
hey guys and gals! i'm going to update my twitter avi soon and i want it to be an image from or related to #Days ......

Guy Wilson @THEguywilson
...over the next couple weeks, I'd love to see your guys' ideas for what a great pic/image would be....

Guy Wilson @THEguywilson
...if you care to, please screen shoot whatever images you like and tweet 'em to me :) #Days #WilSon #DOOL

SOD Artilcles
Brady plans to leave town.
Eric tells Nicole he loves her.
Julie gets Hope to investigate Nick's disappearance.

Daily Summaries
Monday, January 13, 2014

Sami returns home from her trip and is thrown by what she overhears.

Dr. Chyka breaks into Daniel’s apartment to destroy his medical records – and is caught by someone unexpected!

Marlena is stunned when Eric admits he has feelings for Nicole.

JJ considers telling Daniel about Theresa’s blackmail.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nicole and Eric find themselves in a dangerous situation thanks to Dr. Chyka.

Jennifer comes to Daniel’s rescue.

Abigail feels the heat when Adrienne innocently blabs to Jennifer.

Julie confronts Kate about Nick.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Eric and Nicole struggle to break free from captivity… but Dr. Chyka has other plans for them.

Theresa figures out the key to getting what she wants from Daniel.

Jordan confronts Kate about bringing Sheryl to town. Meanwhile, Rafe meets Sheryl and is surprised to learn she knows Jordan…

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Theresa plays mind games with Jennifer, who then turns the tables by informing her of the other woman in Daniel's life – Nicole.

Jennifer warns Abigail to stay away from EJ.

Jordan questions Lucas about why he hired Sheryl.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Believing they are about to die, Eric makes a shocking confession to Nicole!

Brady blows up at Theresa when she realizes he’s drunk.

JJ formulates a plan to bring down Theresa.

Julie is determined to find Nick and zeros in on Gabi.

Odds and Ends
About.com released an interview with Kate regarding Ejabby.
New promotional pics for Mary Beth, Eric, Ali, Judi, and Shawn.
The weekly promo featured Arianna's christening.
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