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Jan 19 2014, 01:35 PM
Jan 19 2014, 12:32 PM
I hate to beat a dead horse but I have to say this.

Around six months ago when Frank Valentini was explaining to ROGER HOWARTH, KRISTEN ALDERSON and MICHAEL EASTON how he would bring them back to the show and not their characters, I am positive this had to have been the jist of his explanation to them:

'Okay, guys, so we are bringing you back to the show -- but as completely different characters -- but after the first three months, you can go back to acting like your old characters."

I'm serious. Nobody has been putting any acting muscle into this at all. Perhaps Easton and only because he finally cut that filthy head of hair.

It's particularly bad in Roger Howarth's case cause I've seen his early work on OLTL. He has the acting chops to portray a different character without the Todd-isms. AND he could have gone back and watched old clips of James Franco in the role and at least attempted to mimic what he saw. The man literally has no excuse.
I would have hated if he mimicked James Franco. I wanted Todd back. Loved him with Carly back then. We got him back but under a different name. I am totally buying the tumor story, and so I have no problem enjoying him with Carly and others. New Franco has a totally different face, so it is so easy to forget the things the original Franco has done, if it was not the show reminding me of it often. I have no problem with that. It adds suspense when they cause you to wonder, has he changed or is he still the same.

We have no idea how original Franco would have acted if they brought him back instead and tried to redeem him, I wouldn't have wanted him with Carly and I doubt, he would have as much chemistry with Carly. Plus the delivery of punch lines which RH is so good at, I cant see original Franco having that kind of sense of humour. The actor that played him, is very good and I remember him as being totally demented. If he had come back instead of RH, I seriously couldn't buy him in a relationship with Carly. He was so good at playing evil, it would be difficult to see him any other way.
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