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Thanks to Seasons 24+, my love for Survivor has been renewed. I'm looking forward to this season. I hope it can deliver like the last several have. (I know One World was somewhat weak but I personally really liked it)

I love the look of the cast. I haven't seen any videos of them yet so I can't comment and I'm vowing to be spoiler free.

Is this (sadly) the most diverse cast we've had in a while?

I love the three tribes, I feel we get to know the players and it worked very well in Phillipines, but I think we were lucky with such a strong cast. I hope this cast is strong. Probst seemed to be raving about the casting process for this season, but I don't always trust his tastes.

Happy for a 2 hour premiere! Even better! I hated when Survivor was on Thursday's (man that seems like EONS ago, lol) because heaven forbid they delay their 9pm for a 2 hour or even 90 minute premiere. That's one of the main reasons I've liked the move to Wednesday.
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