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Jan 23 2014, 12:34 PM
Regular casual fans hate Female contestants. They always love the alpha males. Hence why One World gets panned a lot because of the females dominating that season. I loved One World. Philippines is probably a Top 3 season for me. I didn't care for Caramoan. And I really enjoyed Blood vs Water, minus the winner, but an overall good season.
Totally agree.

I have to admit I stopped watching Caramoan originally. I just couldn't. Just like Samoa where I just couldnt watch the entire season (I've since gone back and re-watched and actually quite enjoyed it simply because I knew overall what to expect. It was weird to actually enjoy it, and my hatred for Russell wasn't present so I think that's why).

Anyway, I loved One World too and was impressed they cast a good group of women for a change, but of course it was panned because of it. And I never trust Probst's opinion because he bases his opinions on how his mancrush does and how the location is for him (he prefers to stay in hotels and often ranks the awesome Marquesas low because he hated the location). Probst has really grown to annoy me over the years, honestly, and I'm beyond sick of his mouth in challenges. But every so often he throws out a liner that makes me laugh.

However, I'd miss him at Tribal Council, though I have to admit I felt he interfered more than usual in BvW, especially when Hayden/Ciera were hounding Monica and she seemed to be leaning to them (though we know she ultimately wasn't, supposedly).

Anyway ... I loved BvW too. It was great seeing Tina again and do so well (her daughter was nice enough but clearly there for her mom which was awesome, I loved seeing their bond) and Aras come back again (who of course delivered) and I ended up liking Vytas. It was kinda brilliant how he worked the women and then Laura B. and Kat ruined their own games. And I was shocked at how much I liked Hayden because he did nothing for me in Big Brother. He's definitely grown a lot, IMHO, and he played the hell out of the game. And it was interesting to see Gervase play again, too. It was nice to see some returning players who aren't on their third or fourth go-around. I won't lie. I loved seeing Rupert out so quickly.

Phillipines is definitely up there for me as well. Lisa Whelchel, Denise <3, Malcolm .... and lol at Skupin. But I'm glad he got to play again but ... wow.

There's so many damn seasons now LOL. I can't believe this show has been on for 14 years. That's insane.

I'm done rambling lol.
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