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I am bored with the whole MM thing but my comments have to do somewhat with this situation. If you have read through this, you know what my stance is. I view it as innocent until proven guilty or a settlement is reached. if HHK gets a settlement, I am going to believe he is guilty. I hope HHK takes his ass to Civil Court if she can't prove it in Criminal. I lso think that the fans who are flying banners are damn fools. Spend that money on your local food Hobbit.

I do think that the role of Adam is a great role and it needs to be recast eventually. Not right now. I would rather see Phyllis back first. When people say that no one is irreplaceable, I beg to differ. Could someone else play Katherine? Hell no. No one believed that Terry Lester could be replaced and I like PB more than TL as Smilin Jack. Robin Christopher, where are you for Phyllis? I would love to see who you guys think would be great Phyllis and Adams. I could see Vincent Izarray or Trevor St John as great Adams. Of course, I would love Trevor in any role. I am very biased.

So MM, please go and crawl under a rock. I hope you have invested wisely or maybe you can get a job as a used salesman.
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