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I'm definitely Team Kenya/Brandon.

If that idiot husband was able to stand up when there seemed to be some rule against it, why couldn't Kenya? Standing up and speaking isn't justification enough to put your hands on a woman. And why did Apollo even get involved?!

The entire affair was pot stirring by NeNe, and she looked like an idiot doing it. It wasn't fun bedroom talk, every question was intended to pick at one of the women and force a confrontation. Disappointing.

Lots of interesting revelations throughout though. More and more signs pointing to a Phaedra/Apollo separation. Just where does Apollo get 8K to spend at strip clubs a night? Guess we now know. Phaedra showed she had knowledge of the large amounts of money he was throwing around, knew from the arguments that it was his money not hers, what exactly did she know about his identity theft operation? Hmmmmm.
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