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In my opinion Liz needs to get a life all she does is ease drop and run medical tests that some how she never gets in trouble for. Never mind that she is NOT a doctor and is NOT allowed to do that but why let that stop her. Then she wants to reveal oh really what a surprise. I think Liz needs to take a plane to Seattle Grace and stay there. I actually love when Britt gives Liz attitude she needs it.

As for Silas and Sam... I think it is time Nina woke up and told the truth. Hey it is a soap people come back from the dead they certainly can wake up from a coma - just ask Michael. My real question is why is this Nathan character all interested in this old case? Who is this guy? Is he Nina's brother, a secret child Nina had who is this guy?

And my opinion on Robin leaving, I am over her leaving, coming back, then leaving, then coming back, then leaving again. If she is going to go then stay gone. With that being said I like the Robin character I really do and would prefer for her to stay but I get so sick of the gone stay gone stay.

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